10 years of Pi's "Yi", the fist born

Sometimes is hard to explain why some solo projects end. Pi was one of those cases. The first born child of João Dorminsky (j.) released 3 full length albums during its active period (2001-2003) and now it's back with the first live performance since 2003.

The most experimental and personal side of Dorminsky's music in Pi, was the origin for several other side projects like Punk Androids, Tigre Deficiente, Low-Class Suite, Adamastor and many others. At the time, "being released" had a completely different meaning and we might wonder that if he was 18 years old nowadays and released "Yi" for the first time, many things wouldn't have been put in a box and thrown into a corner like they were.

The good news is that Pi is back to celebrate its first album "Yi" from 2001 and we might have a re-released mastered version of the three chapters of j's discography, "Yi", "Q~td (...)" and "Portfolio".

The event will take place along with The Microphones (USA) and Spookfish (USA) in a warm up party at O meu Mercedes in Oporto, for the Casa da Música's Clubbing event the day after with Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo.

We should be expecting new music as well. All is good!

Listen to Pi: www.bookofpi.com

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